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 OCTOBER 16, 2022 




400 Renaissance Dr W, Detroit, MI 48243

(313) 568-8000

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We were recently informed that the Free Press Marathon will be operating this weekend in downtown Detroit.  As a result, we have spoken today with the local Detroit Police who will be handling the event to gain all of the necessary information on the marathon and traffic patterns.  Thankfully, the marathon will be predominantly run north west of our location so there is unobstructed transit in and out of our venue.  Notwithstanding, we will start classes at 10am to provide everyone ample time to travel as we want everyone to have a stress-free morning and not be rushed.  We will still be opening registration at 7am for anyone who wishes to arrive early.    


The following directions were provided to us by the Downtown Services Detroit Police Department, who is responsible for specifically handling the marathon security and traffic patterns.  Their office is located just one block over from our venue so they were very well informed on the transit to our venue and the parking surrounding it:


Travel to the Renaissance Center, Marriott Hotel for Sunday, October 16, 2022. 


1) Please note that M-10, John C Lodge Freeway, will be closed at 4am until the Free Press Marathon is completed (most likely around 12pm).

2) Therefore, from I-75 either North or South:

  • a) Take Southbound I-375 to Westbound Jefferson Ave. 

  • b) At the first light, Beaubien Blvd, turn left (Southbound Beaubien towards Atwater). 

  • c) This will place you on the East side of the Marriott Hotel venue and you will have access to all parking garages and lots. 

  • d) There are many parking garages around the Marriott Hotel.  There is a parking garage directly across from the venue and another 5+ within easy walking distance which are located on Atwater Street.  There should be no issue with accessibility to any of these garages as they are not proximate to the marathon.  

3) Please provide yourself appropriate travel time from your respective location as there are areas of construction on I-75 and the majority of roads that are West of Randolph St will be closed until approximately 12pm. 

In addition, there are a few important reminders we ask that you PLEASE share with all of your dancers and parents prior to arriving. 

  1. VENUE- Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center 

  2. OBSERVER- Observer Bands should be pre registered. Observers in all classes must wear their observer wristband at all times. Each room has their own respective colored band. Please make sure that your observer has been registered for the correct room. All observers will have to sign their waiver before being admitted into the ballroom. To add an observer band please have your teacher/director email us the:  Observer Name, Observer DOB, and the room the observer will be observing in. 

  3. WAIVERS -  Your waivers are now past due. All Dancers, Teachers, and Observers must have a waiver signed online electronically at to sign. Dancers may not enter the ballroom without a signed waiver by their parents or guardian. Parent observers will need to list their name as the participant when signing their parent waiver.  They are separate waivers so please be sure to sign and fill out both if attending as an observer.  If you receive a "no records match this request" this is likely that your DOB and/or name is misspelled. 

  4. Food/Water -  Please pack water accordingly. Lunch is not provided. The Grab & Go will be open in the hotel lobby. 

  5. Parent/Teacher Class- This class is for any and all parents and teachers who are wearing a band. This is a free class that happens at lunch! 

  6. Meet and Greet- Our Meet & Greet provides the opportunity for photos and autographs with the faculty. Titans faculty will only sign Titans merchandise or the official Titans Poster. Nothing else may be signed. Photos will be available to be taken in front of the faculty table only.

  7. Merchandise- Our merchandise booth will close at 545pm.

  8. Packets- Please send ONE representative to the registration booth to pick up your packet.  Please inform parents that they will receive their band and number from the studio representative.  They do not need to check in. A form within the packet will provide all the names of your registered dancers and their respective number.  Numbers are assigned to a specific dancer and should be only worn by that dancer. Please find that information in your packet. 

  9. Scholarship Numbers- Please refer to the sheet in your registration packet. Dancers must wear the scholarship number assigned to them in their packet. 

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