You now have the "VIP" opportunity to train LIVE 1:1 with one of our amazing faculty members or special guests.  You choose the faculty member and we will confirm and set up the appointment.  There is no limit to the number of training sessions you may have or the number of instructors you choose to work with.   

The ability to train with the very best has never been easier or more convenient to set up.

Cost:  $125

Time: 30 minutes   

*Time may be extended upon instructors discretion after they have worked with dancer.


Instructors Available:

Mollee Gray
Struther White
Hannahlei Cabanilla
Gaby Diaz
Alex Blitstein
Kevin Tate
Britt Stewart
Ellenore Scott
Lane Napper
Amy Yakima
Tiffany Maher
Dez Soliven
Gab Robert
Noelle Marsh
Joshua Burrage
Ben Cook
Madeline Mihacevich
Lauren Yakima
Taylor Sieve
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